Hover Effects Builder – WordPress Plugin

Built-in Editor

Built-in editor is a function exclusive to Hover Effects Builder.

  • Create your own unlimited styles of animations.
  • Apply CSS3 hover effects to images on your website.
  • Combine different effects to create outstanding animations.
  • Create a state of art websites without any computer programmer skills.

Collection of Templates

Hover Effects builder has more than 60 amazing styles.

  • Use the templates as they are on the images of your website.
  • Personalize the styles using our built-in editor.
  • Assign them to featured images for standard and custom post formats.
  • Clone/Edit/Delete templates according to your needs.

Click here for the templates.


Give a unique style to your featured images with Hover Effect Builder

  • Apply Styling and Transformation effects.
  • Rotate, scale, move, skew the featured image.
  • Combine settings to create unique effects.
  • Set the color and opacity for the background.

Overlay, Buttons

Add an animated overlay and Link and/or View Buttons to the images.

  • Specify the color and the opacity of the overlay.
  • Give it 2D/3D rotation, scale, slide and fade effects.
  • Customize Button’s size, border radius, type, ect…
  • Rotate, scale Link/View button, create fading buttons effect.

Content, Share Buttons

Add overlay content and share buttons to your the features images of your website.

  • Select content element(s) to be shown (Title, Excerpt, Categories, Share Buttons).
  • Set the slide direction and the starting position of the content in hover effect animation.
  • Choose social share buttons to be displayed on content overlay.
  •  Specify share buttons font size and color, adjust the corners for share buttons.

Shortcode, Post Formats

Easily add CSS3 animation effects via Shortcode.

  • Use shortcode to add hover effects to your images.
  • Assign predefined styles to features images for pages.
  • Assign the templates by Post types and formats.
  • Disable hover effects on blocks with specific classes.

Other Features

  • Hover Effects Add-on for Visual Composer
  • Plain integration of plugin’s API into your WordPress theme
  • Online User Documentation
  • Free technical and pre-sales support
  • Overlay Content styling and typography (title, excerpt, categories)
  • Customize background and foreground colors
  • Set Overlay opacity
  • Wide range of Image Animation Effects.